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Term Dates, Sessions, Fees & Application Form.

Our 2023 / 2024 Term Time Dates

The nursery is open all year (50 weeks) except during the Christmas Break (Monday 18th Dec 2023 to Friday 4th Jan 2024 inclusive). Summer 2023 Break (Monday 22nd July to Monday 2nd September (TBC). You can download Term Dates here. The Nursery year consists of six terms similar to East Sussex County Council School Term Date.

Autumn Time (2023)

Term 1 (Mon 4th Sept - Fri 20th Oct)
Half Term (Mon 23rd Oct - Fri 27th Oct - inc.)
Term 2 (Mon 30th Oct - Fri 15th Dec)
Xmas Break (Mon 18th Dec - Fri 4th Jan 2024)

Spring Time (2024)

Term 3 (Mon 8th Jan - Fri 9th Feb)
Half Term (Mon 12th Feb - Fri 16th Feb - inc.)
Term 4 (Mon 19th Feb - Fri 29th Mar)

Summer Time (2024)

Easter Break (Mon 1st Apr - Fri 12th Apr - inc.)
Term 5 (Mon 14th Apr - Fri 24th May)
Half Term (Mon 27th May - Fri 31st May - inc.)
Term 6 (Mon 3rd Jun - Fri 19th Jul)

Our Daily Sessions

Whitehill Nursery School is open five days a week during each term and provides the following sessions. We also offer the Extended 15 Hours (30 Hrs) as a stretched offer. Please speak to a member of staff for further information.

Breakfast Club

8.00am to 8.30am

Morning Session

8.30am to 11.30am


11.30am to 12.00am

Afternoon Session

12.00pm to 3.00pm

Full Day

8.30am to 3.00pm

Stretched Day

Extended 15 Hours

Our Session Fees

Early Years Education Entitlement (EYEE)

Whitehill Nursery School is registered with OFSTED to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework and therefore can claim the Early Years Education Entitlement (EYEE) from East Sussex County Council. 

This entitlement will pay towards a maximum of 5 x 3 hour sessions a week over 38 weeks a year.

Flexibility & Discounts

Whitehill Nursery School offers the flexibility that you can claim your free entitlement as either mornings, afternoons, full days or a combination of all three.


We offer 5% discount on fees for

  1. Brother/Sister – 2nd and subsequent child attending the Nursery School at the same time.
  2.  NHS Staff
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Choosing your EYEE

Please note, if you choose to use your EYEE entitlement as six hours over one day (i.e. AM and PM session) then there is a 30 minute period 11.30am-12pm (‘£5.60 lunch charge’) which is not covered by the EYEE entitlement. 

This 30 minute time period is referred to as ‘lunch’ as it takes into account the supervision of any children staying to eat their lunch during this time.

Additional Sessions

If your child is not entitled to EYEE or you wish to have additional sessions above your child’s entitlement, the following rates apply.


  • Breakfast Club (inc. breakfast)  – £3.55
  • Morning Session – £21.75
  • Afternoon Session – £21.75
  • Lunch Time (inc. lunch) – £5.60

You can download a copy of our full 2023-24 Fee Structure here. All fees are subject to review.

Applying for a place at our Nursery School

Unfortunately, there is a waiting list for a place at our nursery. We will endeavour to do everything to accommodate you and your child’s needs. In the first instance, please complete the Nursery School Application Form below. Please note that the application form is not a formal registration for a place at the nursery, but an expression of interest when a place becomes available. 

Nursery School Application Form

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a registration form. The application places your child on our waiting list, however it does not guarantee a place. We will contact parents and inform them when a place becomes available. Upon submission of the application form, you are required to come into the Nursery and make a non-refundable payment of £35 for the Application Fee. Your Application will not be considered until you have made this payment.